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Don't Waste Another Year Living a Boring  and Average Life

YES ... You can quickly start building your best life now, all while achieving your most outrageous dreams and goals in record-breaking time!

I needed someone who believed in me and stayed on my butt... Cartess will get in your grill and press you and press you to be and do better ... If you're lazy and you make a bunch of excuses, he won't hear it. 

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This guy is really good at what he does. He brings out the best and shows you how to do it with such ease and simple words.


He will make you believe in yourself and convince you that you're more than capable. Thank you for the encouragement.

jackie wilson

Cartess genuinely cares and really wants you to win. He checks on me and holds me accountable to what I said I'd do.

Dorothy w.

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Hi, I'm Cartess Ross

Chief Maniac at Squiggly Ventures

Over the last 20+ years, I've taken care of my family of 7 exclusively from the income I've earned from the Internet. On this website, I'm sharing all I've learned over the years about making money online with the talents and skillsets you already possess.

Obviously, I've made mistakes along the way, but it's my goal to help you avoid the common mistakes newbies make when they get started... Let's shortcut your learning curve so you can win faster!

Cartess A. Ross


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