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i had a hard time believing anyone would buy my course


Jackie Wilson

Cartess Ross and his team helped me put together my very first real estate investor course. I have been buying and selling real estate for over 20 years.

I know all the ins and outs of the real estate game. With all of the well-known real estate gurus on T.V., and those with books and $20,000 coaching programs, I had a hard time believing anyone would buy my course.

Why would they? They don't know me.

But Cartess convinced me my knowledge and my outlook on real estate would appeal to a certain subgroup of folks that the real estate gurus would never reach. He was right.

One of my first customers was a professor at a university up North. When I initially talked to the guy, I was surprised.

Why would a college professor be asking me for advice about real estate?

I didn't go to college. I was just a regular guy. A few days after that conversation with the professor, his order came through. YES. He bought my course.

No matter what I thought about the situation, Cartess showed me how to position myself as an expert. When this professor came to my website and started to learn from my free material, he viewed me as an expert. He felt I could help him buy his first piece of real estate.

The same scenario played out when a guy from the Air Force called to join my coaching program.

At the time, I was charging $2,000.00 to help people get their first real estate deal within 30-days. He bought without hesitation. I finally got the confidence and have drastically increased my prices since the beginning days.

If you want someone who breaks this technical stuff into a simple and easy to understand process, there is no one better than the man himself, Mr. Ross.

He's very patient and will show you the way. He will get in your grill and press you, so if you're lazy and make excuses, he won't hear it.

I needed someone who believed in me and stayed on my butt.

MEET Ken compton...

'Over $8.5 million in sales...'

Cartess Ross and his team are the only folks I trust to build our websites and manage our online marketing campaigns. My company has generated over $8.5 million in sales and our newest website put together by Cartess has generated over $348,000.00 in the last 12-months. This was a brand new website!

If you don't have him on your team, you're simply wasting time and losing money. He comes highly recommended.

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