Hi, I'm Cartess Ross.

Over the last 20+ years, I've taken care of my family of 7 exclusively from the income I've earned from the Internet. On this website, I'm sharing all I've learned over the years about making money online with the talents and skillsets you already possess. 

Obviously, I've made mistakes along the way, but it's my goal to help you avoid the common mistakes newbies make when they get started... It's my goal to shortcut your learning curve so you can win faster!

A few unknown facts about me:

I never went to college (in fact, I barely graduated high school, lol)

I hated school with a passion. I figured out early that most of the teachers hated their jobs and were only there because they had to be in order to support and pay for their 'barely getting by lifestyle'. Quickly realized entrepreneurship would be the way I'd go once I got my freedom. I joined the Air Force and after my 1st enlistment, I left to focus on starting my own business.

In 1998, I started my first online business with my mom

When I got out of the Air Force, I took a liking to building websites. Taught myself HTML by reading books from multiple authors. My mom called and asked me to build her a website to sell Christian t-shirts. We went into business together and started to take over the Christian t-shirt space back then. I eventually went out on my own and started to sell well over 7-figures in t-shirts to customers all over the world.

Hired in 2004 to take a teeth whitening company nationwide

Because of the successes of my other online ventures, companies started hiring me as a consultant to help grow their online presence. We took a no-name teeth whitening brand from $24,000 to a 7-figures inside of 18 months (this was almost 20 years ago when people didn't feel comfortable using their credit cards online).

In 2006, I was hired to help create and market an online course

A businessman with success in the real estate space hired me to help him package his experience into an online course. I honestly didn't think the concept would work, but hey, he was paying me... This was my first experience with online courses, so it was a learning experiences for me as well. 

Needless to say, this guy had less than 10 members paying him $79 bucks per month when we first started. He's now done well over $7 million in revenue and growing.

Launched the Free Magic School in 2007

This would be my own first online product in terms of building an online membership. Within one year's time of launching, I build an e-mail subscriber list of over 1-million students. We partnered with a magic supplier distributor to sell magic tricks and supplies to students all over the world. Ended up selling this website below market-value to an investor in Australia.

In 2007, I created my first official online course

I launched TshirtRiches. This company teaches individuals how to start a t-shirt business without having to learn screen printing, or going broke buying all of the expensive screen printing equipment. Millions of dollars in course sales generated. Much more earned in partnerships, influencer revenue, speaking gigs, affiliate commissions, sponsorships, etc.

Many other smaller businesses started...

As a serial entrepreneur who can't help himself, I've started and created many smaller online businesses. I've also created many other online courses and have partnered with others to create courses (EnglishProfits). We've had tremendous success in the e-commerce space and have dabbled in many business models with other clients over the years.

So ... my point in bringing all of this up was not to brag, but to let you know that I know what I'm talking about. I've been at this for over 20+ years... I still earn my living exclusively from the work I do online.

All of my leads come from marketing and advertising. I spend my own money to get leads and clients. I get on the phone and close deals and sales. I have wins, and I have losses. too. I'm not just here talking about making money online, but I'm a marketer, blogger, and influencer whose in the trenches learning and evolving as technology continues to change.

There's simply no substitute for experience – I'm out here doing it everyday.

What is Squiggly Ventures About?

In order to make money online, you need a product or service to sell. I fundamentally believe each of us have a unique talent, skillset, or a special 'know-how' inside of us that can be packaged into a course, product, service or business. 

Our goal is to show you how to take what you love and know, and package it all into a real business that can fund your best life.

Over the years I've found that entrepreneurship is a mental game. I've watched many people with great ideas start a biz, but quickly failed at their venture due to lack of belief, poor mindset, and fear.

Much of our time and resources on the site will be dedicated to helping our members develop the right mindset to win at becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Our Mission:  To ignite the spark that inspires entrepreneurship in people and make it less scary.

Our Vision: To make entrepreneurship an attainable and recognized way of making a living.

Our Core Values:

  • Be authentically you.
  • Just start and correct course along the way.
  • Do what you love.
  • Keep it krazy simple.

Financial Freedom and Location Independence

As a father of 5 kids, it would have been challenging to find a job that would afford my family of 7 a comfortable lifestyle. College wasn't an option for me; I hated school and going for another 4-years wasn't going to happen.

Entrepreneurship was the only way for me.

Because of that choice long ago, I'm now able to reap the benefits of the labor and time I put into starting and growing a business. I now spend unprecedented amounts of time with my younger children (3 are now grown and living on their own, just leaving me with the 2 lil ones).

A typical week for me is going out and playing golf with my 13-year old twice a week. I'm able to take and pick-up my 12 year old to ballet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We go out to lunch or dinner 3-4 days a week; and hang out at the bowling alley a few times a month.

Because I homeschool now, it's not unusual for us to randomly hop in the car and go spend a week at Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Amelia Island or Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

That's the freedom my business gives me.

Prior to this, we sold everything we owned and moved to Medellin Colombia in South America. We lived there for 6-months, with plans to leave and go live in Southeast Asia for 6-12 months. However, our marriage took a turn for the worse and returned to the U.S. to get that sorted.

Only a business model like the one I teach about here, could afford me and you these options and flexibility.

If you're willing to put in the time to build your business, you too could design your ideal lifestyle. I'm still blown away that I have this much freedom and flexibility. You don't need a lot of money to live comfortably if you're willing to design a lifestyle around the things you wish to do or accomplish (we'll be covering this as well).

I Want You to Win

The goal of this website is to share all of my experiences so you can win big! Make sure you're on my e-mail list (see bottom of page) to be notified when I post and share new content, videos, or tutorials on the website.

To win at this, you simply need to take action and just start.

I'm telling you the truth when I say I'm not the most smartest dude in the world. I have no unique skillsets or powers. Everything I now know, I learned from reading books, taking specific classes, buying courses, and learning from mentors.

I had to put in the work and I had to stay up late learning new stuff. I didn't know any of these things until I made the decision to sit my butt down and learn it.

Some of it was hard, and some of it was boring, and some of it sucked.

But I was determined not to work for anyone. I was determined to be my own boss. I was determined to be home and watch my kids grow up. I was determined to make this work.

It took some years, but it was worth it.

Like most, I worked a full-time job when I started this path towards entrepreneurship.

I worked in surgery as a surgical tech, and was constantly on-call. Oftentimes, I worked 12-hour shifts from 7 p.m. - 7 a.m. three-five days a week. It was hard trying to build a business with those type of hours.

I was exhausted when I got home. But I had a goal and a plan. There was no way I was gonna keep working those types of hours and doing that type of job for the next 30+ years.

So I say to you ... Decide what you want right now and make a decision to act on it right now.

I can show you how to make this work for you as well.

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