Cash in on the $110 Billion Online Learning Industry

The online course (education and learning) space is expected to be huge in the years to come. NOW is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have a skillset, talent, or hobby you’re passionate about, should consider creating an online course.

Creating online courses is probably the most affordable business model anyone can get into without losing their pants.

Other types of business models require high startup costs, lots of inventory, office space, employees, and lots of unknown variables and risks.

No so with online learning and training.

You can get started with just an idea, a laptop, some time and a few dollars in marketing and advertising.

Your biggest expense initially will be getting your website setup, but even that is something you can do on your own by spending a of couple days watching a few tutorials on websites like YouTube.

Outsourcing it overseas is another option (and it’s cheap).

Packaging up your knowledge and talents into an online course

I believe each of us have a unique skill set, talent, knowledge or know-how to teach or develop into our own course.

Over the holiday weekend, I spent a few hours each day developing out a Google AdWords course specifically for Home Inspectors (people who inspect real estate).

I’ve been managing these types of campaigns for years for home inspectors and some have recently asked me to put together a course because they couldn’t afford my monthly management fees.

So that’s what I did. I call it:

Google AdWords for Home Inspectors: Your Execution Plan for Getting to the Top of Google and Staying Busy All Year Long.


As you can see here, I simply took what I knew and created a simple course that show inspectors how to setup their own campaigns so they can get traffic to their website.

This is stuff I do in my sleep and it was easy for me to put together a basic tutorial showing them the steps to setting up campaigns.

Now that this course is done, I can technically go create more for different niches like photographers, accountants, roofers, real estate agents, and so on.

I simply change the title to fit the audience.

Google AdWords for Landscapers: Your Execution Plan for Getting to the Top of Google and Staying Busy All Year Long.

Listen. You got what it takes to develop your own course. The beautiful thing is that once it’s done, you get paid for it over and over again.

Create once and sell it a million times for years to come.

So … look deep down within yourself and see what you can pull out.

I got the blueprint for teaching you, and once you develop one course, you can create as many as you want.

In no other world could you create a business this cheap and get an amazing return for the life of your course.

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